Three-day-old calf found chained up to fence recovers thanks to rescuers

It’s really heartbreaking how cruelly some animals are treated. These poor creatures deserve love and a chance at a better life.

Luckily there are kindhearted rescuers out there dedicated to helping these animals get back on their feet.

Like one team, who helped a poor baby calf defy all the odds.

Last month, a calf was found in North Haven, Connecticut, tied up to a fence, with a chain attached to a piece of twine wrapped around his neck. He was deeply malnourished and dehydrated.

The calf was rescued by Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary, who were shocked by the sight: “We’re not quite sure the extent of it, but he does NOT look well,” they wrote. “He’s only 3 days old, and he was pulled out of a HORRIBLE situation.”

The calf is also thought to be blind in one eye. While he was now in safer hands, he was still far from out of the woods. The rescue team soon dealt with a number of health problems.

“He started to have what’s called ‘failure of passive transfer,’ meaning he didn’t get enough antibodies from his mama to be able to support a healthy immune system,” Megan Pereira, the sanctuary’s founder, told WTNH.

“Because of that, he became ill, and we treated him supportively as best as we could.”

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The team treated the calf, now known as Jack, and his condition improved, before taking another turn for the worse.

Jack became sick, losing fluids and becoming severely dehydrated. The rescuers began to have doubts about his survival.

But they didn’t give up. They gave him a regimen of antibiotics and electrolytes fluids, and combined with a little love, the poor calf began to recover once again.

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Luckily, Jack has now recovered, and his personality is shining through. He’s one happy and playful little calf.

“He’s really coming out of his shell and is the funniest little guy ever!” the rescue wrote. “He’s getting stronger and SO much more lively.”

Jack’s life has completely turned around after a heartbreaking start, and he’s changed the lives of his rescuers, too.

“There’s been a lot of animals that have come through our sanctuary,” Megan told WTNH. “He will certainly be one that’s changed my life for the better.”

Now, Jack will be well taken care of for the rest of his life.

“He will be living at the farm forever in sanctuary,” Megan said.

We’re so glad this poor calf is safe! What a miraculous recovery thanks to these kind rescuers! Share this incredible story!