Dog spends life in chains outside – when she’s finally rescued she can’t show her humans enough love

Those dogs that spend their lives chained up outside suffer so much; often they’re used for the sole purposes of security, as if their happiness doesn’t count.

Maria had been chained to the wall of a business in Cartal, Spain, since she was a pup and was so sick and depressed she no longer barked at strangers.

A passerby contacted rescue agency Let’s Adopt concerned for the Fox Terrier’s welfare.


Viktor Larkhill, founder of the non profit animal rescue, headed over to rescue the sweet pup from her life of misery only to find her in a shocking condition.

Her head was held low as animal rescuers checked her over and found she was malnourished, her fur was matted and she had a huge tumor growing on her back, it was so painful it was preventing her from sitting down.

Maria, named by her rescuers as her owner didn’t give her a name, had spent her life chained to a wall where her owner kept his metal junk.


“Her owner stopped caring a long time ago and left her chained in a yard full of machines and tractor wheels,” Viktor wrote alongside the video he posted on YouTube of his rescue mission.

Larkhill removed her chain and rushed her to the vet where she underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor on her back and another two they discovered. The veterinary surgeon was unsure if she would recover.


Throughout her ordeal she never once struggled, even though she must have been terrified arriving at the animal hospital and having so much done to her; despite her tragic life at the hands of her owner Maria still loved humans.

Her surgery was a success and the sweet pup who had endured so much was able to recover.

Watch her rescue operation in the clip below and her amazing transformation living in her forever home where she is finally loved.

How you can leave an animal chained up like this I will never know.

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