Sick puppy has no friends - until a donkey decides to adopt her

Sick puppy has no friends – until a donkey decides to adopt her

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

This was certainly the case for a 1-year-old shepherd puppy named Kolima, who was born with a spinal cord disease. None of the other dogs or puppies wanted to play with her because she had difficulty walking and moving around.

But, her disability helped her find her best friend — a donkey named Paolo.

Kolima was born with Wobblers syndrome, a neurological disease that causes her to shake when she walks and makes it difficult for her to get up and down. It means that she can’t run and play like other dogs and because of that, her life is lonely and isolated.

Even though Kolima was kind, adorable, and playful like any other puppy, the other dogs didn’t want to play with her. But even though the other dogs refused to play with her, another, somewhat unexpected, animal on the farm noticed the lonely puppy.


Became best friends

A 6-year-old donkey named Paolo decided that he liked Kolima. In Paolo, the disabled dog found a true friend. Paolo looks after the dog and they spend as much time together as possible.

“The only time of the day when Kolima finds the energy to get up and play is when I take her to Paolo,” says Felic Caputo, Kolima’s owner, and continues:

“I thought I adopted a puppy, but every day I remind her that she was adopted by my donkey.”


Friendship really does come in all shapes and sizes — but in the end, our differences don’t matter. No matter how different we are, friendship is always there to bring us together.

Watch the video below to see Paolo and Kolima play together. It’s is a wonderful, true friendship!

Kolima and Paolo are proof that true friendship is often found in the most unexpected places. Press the share button if you agree.

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