Cow’s odd behavior captured on video by filmmaker, realizes what the cow is trying to tell him

The scenery in Canada is breathtaking and the country’s wildlife just add to its beauty. There is so much to discover here.

David was out exploring this beautiful scenery in the small town of Millbrook, Ontario when he spotted several cows in a beautiful field and just had to stop to enjoy the view.

As he recorded the scene of the cows taking a dip in the pond to cool off, one cow caught his attention and wouldn’t give up until he realized the danger she was trying to alert him to. I’ve never seen a cow act this way before.


He was enjoying watching the brown cows cooling off in the water set against a beautiful backdrop of rolling green pasture and blue skies.


David, who is a real animal lover, decided to film them so he could relive the moment over again. He captured them without any idea that his nature video would later go viral.

When David started filming he focused on one of the cows that was closest to him as she seemed to be acting strangely.

The cow, who he named Flo, was making noises that caught his attention and was digging her hoof into the ground.


David thought she seemed a little stressed and that she stood strangely close to the electric fence that surrounded the field. Flo kept turning her head and focusing on a specific area in the field, as if she was trying to tell him something.

Then he realized that this mother needed help!

In the high grass lay a baby calf.


The calf was alone and separated from her mother by an electric fence. Dave quickly understood that it needed food – milk!

He wanted to help the poor calf, but he was worried how the mother would react when he touched her calf. You also have to be careful about putting your own scent on the animals as they can be rejected later on.

Watch the video below to see how he solves the problem with the use of a stick.

This is a great happy-ending story and wonderful to see this baby reunited with her mother.

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