Man attacks cow with big stick, karma strikes with full force

Man attacks cow with big stick, karma strikes with full force

I think most people would agree that if they saw someone trying to hurt someone else they’d have something to say or do about it.

And the calf you’re about to see in this video is no exception.

When this young cow sees the man hitting a cow on the back to get her through the gate, he immediately reacts with full force and leaves the man floored.



The man in the video below is trying to get a herd of cows into a pen, but feels the need to use a big stick to do so.

Unfortunately, one of the cows didn’t fully cooperate and felt the full force of this stick on its back.

But what he didn’t expect was the reaction of the calf next to the cow who immediately jumps into action.

In a very dramatic way this calf jumps into the air and lands with its back legs heading straight toward the man’s face.


He was so shocked by the calf’s response that he fell backwards.

Hopefully from now on, he might think twice before he hits an innocent animal again.

The video has already been viewed by more than 300,000 people. See for yourself in the clip below.

Someone who does this shouldn’t really be near animals. Animals should be treated with love and respect!

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