Farmer thinks hen laid eggs, gets closer and discovers she’s protecting something completely different

When I think of a farm, I automatically think of chickens and hens.

They may not be the most cuddly animals, because they don’t usually seem interested in socializing, but they have many other good qualities.

They lay delicious fresh eggs every day and they eat all the scraps that you otherwise would have thrown away.

No matter which farm you visit, there are usually chickens around. They mostly keep to themselves and usually only approach people when they come with food!


On a farm in New South Wales, there is a very special hen. She’s not like the other hens and usually plays the rebel for all her friends.

Among other things, she likes to break out of her henhouse and hang out with all the other animals and the farmer.

One day when the farmer came to feed all the chickens as usual, he noticed that something wasn’t right. There was one hen who wasn’t in her place. He saw straight away that it was his special hen who always kept him company in the afternoons.

She sat completely frosen in a different spot. He didn’t think much of it at the time and hurried on with his work.


As the day continued, he didn’t catch sight of the hen once. He began to worry, as this wasn’t like her, and hurried to check on her. When he reached the henhouse he saw that she still hadn’t moved a feather.

He knew that she could not lay her own eggs, but nevertheless it looked like she was incubating something.

He left her to it and hurried away again. But what was she guarding?


Later in the evening he once again entered the hen house. The chicken had still not moved.

This time he moved a little closer, and it became clear that she was guarding something. And that’s when he saw it.

She was definitely incubating something, but it wasn’t eggs, reports The Daily Mail.

Underneath the hen lay several small kittens.

Höna och kattungar

One of the nearby cats had recently given birth and like the good mother hen she was, the hen just wanted to keep them safe and warm.

She had watched the kittens all day waiting for their mom to come back.

It’s so sweet to see animals go out of their way to take care of each other.

You can watch the hen take care of the adorable kittens in the clip below:

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