Young lion had his legs broken in captivity so tourists could take photos

It’s really shocking how cruel some people can be to animals, treating them like props and objects rather than living creatures.

It’s bad enough to keep an exotic wild animal in your own captivity, but one poor animal was subjected to violent and demeaning cruelty that has people outraged.

But now, he’s getting a second chance after finally getting rescued.

A baby lion was separated from its mother when he was only a few weeks old. He was then locked up in a barn in Russia, becoming a tourist attraction.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the lion reportedly had its legs broken so he couldn’t run away, according to Metro. He was also repeatedly beaten, and suffered severe spinal injuries.

After suffering for so long, his nightmare came to an end when he was rescued.

But the rescuers were horrified by what they found, and knew the lion was in for a lifetime of healing.

“He was practically not fed, and for some reason in the frost water was constantly poured over him,” said Yulia Ageeva, who led the mission.

“This was a real hell.”

The lion was named Simba, and was flown to the care of veterinarian Karen Dallakyan, who said the lion had suffered “an ocean of pain from humans.”

Karen and his team of specialists worked hard to give the lion a second chance. They fed the lion, gave him the care he needed, and showed him the love he never knew

While Simba was no doubt scared and mistrustful of humans due to his experiences, he seemed to warm up to the rescuers and accept their help.

Karen also performed an emergency surgery on Simba’s shattered legs.

While the lion will be permanently deformed due to the cruelty he suffered, he is beginning to learn to walk again.

The vet says the lion’s steady recovery has been a “miracle.”

It shows that even the most mistreated animal can have a new beginning with the right love and care.

“My team and I believe that he will recover soon (lions are kings of animals and they have excellent immunity) and will become the leader of the pride in the savannah,” Karen wrote on Instagram.

Thank you to this rescue team for saving this poor lion. No animal should have to suffer what he went through.

This is outrageous, and the use of wild animals as tourist objects and photo ops needs to stop immediately. Share this story if you agree.