Wildlife officials issue warning after woman puts injured bobcat into SUV with child

A woman in Colorado Springs, Colorado more than likely thought she was helping an injured animal, but wildlife officials say otherwise.

According to reports, a woman encountered a bobcat that had allegedly been hit by a car. She picked up the wild animal, wrapped it in a blanket, and placed it in the back of her SUV. The woman then contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife about what to do next.

District Wildlife Manager Sarah Watson responded to the woman’s call Wednesday morning and was “shocked” to see a bobcat peaking out from underneath a blanket inside the woman’s vehicle.

Watson told the woman and her young son to get behind her vehicle while she secured “the very alert cat with a catchpole to put it in a large animal crate.”

As Watson attempted to remove the bobcat from the vehicle, it hissed and exposed its claws in order to protect itself, unlike when the woman picked up the cat and it was dazed.

“It could have been a very dangerous situation for this woman if it had come to when she was picking it up,” Watson said, according to the Denver Post.

Unfortunately, CPW officials determined the bobcat was mortally wounded, it’s hind legs were paralyzed and it’s possible the animal also sustained internal injuries, and euthanized the adult male.

Now officials are warning others not to pick up wildlife and instead call a wildlife agency or 911.

“You never ever pick up wildlife whether it’s a fawn or bobcat or a bear cub,” CPW spokesman Bill Vogrin said. “You’re putting yourself in grave harm. This could have been a tragedy.”

What would you have done in this situation? 

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