Social media star turns amateur firefighter and saves baby kangaroo

Australian social media star turned amateur firefighter Sam McGlone has released a video of himself saving a baby kangaroo.

Around half a million animals are thought to have been killed by the uncontrollable fires currently raging through the country, which are being fueled by extreme temperatures and a lack of rainfall.

But travel film maker Sam McGlone recorded a glimmer of hope when he rescued the baby kangaroo and appealed to his thousands of followers to do all they could to help the current crisis.

The stranded animal seemed terrified at first as Sam grabs him from the charred ground and holds him gently in his hand.

Posting the video on Instagram, Sam recorded the special moment which happened in Braidwood, New South Wales.

“I found a baby joey in the fire,” he tells his 100,000 plus Instagram followers.

Sam, who along with his family has turned amateur firefighter, can be seen putting out some of the flames and then spotting the struggling marsupial.

“Alright everyone, meet my little baby. Saved him out of the fire today. We got you buddy, don’t worry I’ve got you now.”

He then wraps the animal in a blanket and gives him water out of the lid of a plastic bottle.

In a later Instagram post Sam announced that he has started a GoFundMe page to help the native animals of Australia, which has already exceeded its goal of $7,000 in just one day.

Baby joey saved from bushfires

He said the money will go to a local animal rescue group who are using their own funds and working around the clock to help save as many animals as they can.

“They have just been hit with a massive bushfire and now there is injured animals everywhere,” he said, according to The Metro newspaper.

“They have to feed them; they don’t get sponsors and we have so many injured animals.”

Baby joey saved from bushfires

There are so many people risking their lives to help the people and wildlife of Australia.

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