Sloth gets to take a tour of the aquarium, and the dolphins are thrilled to meet him

We’re all feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced all of us to stay at home and most businesses to cease operations.

But as bad as the situation is right now for people, it’s had some surprising benefits for animals, who seem to be enjoying the temporarily human-less world, getting to go places they never tread.

With zoos and aquariums closed to visitors indefinitely, some caretakers have taken the opportunity to let their animals roam. A few weeks ago we told you about the penguins who got to tour their aquarium.

Now, another animal has gotten to meet some undersea friends: a sloth!

Animal worlds collided last week at Texas State Aquarium as a sleepy sloth got a once-in-a-lifetime visit to see some dolphins.

“With the Aquarium temporarily closed, Chico the sloth had the opportunity for an up-close and personal meeting with some of our dolphins,” the aquarium wrote on Facebook.

It was almost certainly the first time these two species saw one another, and it’s clear that dolphins are as delighted by sloths as humans are.

Not only that, the sloth made a pretty quick impression on the dolphins:

“Liko and Schooner were very curious, and Liko was even inspired to attempt an upside-down sloth impression!”

They may be from different very worlds, but it’s clear they formed an instant unlikely friendship.

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