Self-taught artist tricks tourists with his realistic animal sand sculptures

If you found yourself on this beach in northern Spain, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were surrounded by wild animals and run a mile.

But for those who live near this beautiful European spot they can only look on in awe at this amazing sight, knowing they are actually sculptures carved out of sand.

Andoni Bastarrika carves his shockingly realistic creations into the beaches of the Basque Country.

The talented artist has more than 9,000 followers on Instagram where he posts images of his incredible creations.

Many tourists who arrive at the beach and spot his creations are sometimes fooled into thinking they are real.

“The images sometimes seem real, and to some it makes a deep impression that at one point, they stop as if I had done a magic trick,” Andoni told Uztarria.

Andoni is a self-taught artist who requires only sticks and his bare hands to create these incredible sculptures.

LOBO IBERICOAutor esculturas realistas con arena: Andoni Bastarrika Artista

Posted by Andoni Bastarrika Artista on Saturday, March 21, 2020

The sand fascinates me, because wherever you look, it will always teach you if you are willing to learn, he writes on Facebook.

“To create a sand sculpture, infinite sand particles participate that hug each other tightly through moisture, so that the artist can model that union. 

ANMALES DE ARENAMucha gente me pregunta porque elegí la arena como material para mis creaciones y porque realizo…

Posted by Andoni Bastarrika Artista on Thursday, May 21, 2020

“Once the artist retires, they will remain at the mercy of nature, so that sooner or later the wind will dry them up and release each particle of sand that symbolizes the sense of Individuality or authenticity.”

He chooses animals as his main muse because they are “free spirits” and refuses to sculpt an animal in chains because “I prefer to process its freedom, power and wisdom, through beauty, rather than from its suffering,” he explains on Facebook.

See more of his beautiful creations in the clip below.

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