Screaming koala rescued from bushfire is reunited with hero grandma in hospital

Yesterday we covered the emotional story of the screaming koala rescued from the Australian bushfires by a grandma who used the shirt off her own back.

Well, today we have an update! The koala has been reunited in hospital with his saviour, a woman named Toni Doherty.

“It was terrifying to see him just come out of the flames and he looked so defenseless running along the road,” Doherty told CNN affiliate 9News.

“I knew I needed to put something around him as I ran to the tree, so I just took off my shirt and covered him with it. I just tried to get him out of the fire, it was so hot and so frightening.”

Watch the video below for Toni’s daring rescue:

After getting him safely away from the fires, Doherty named the frightened koala Lewis, after one of her seven grandchildren.

The pair have been reunited at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Lewis is currently being treated for severe burns, but has been eating branches of eucalyptus by his bed.

Even so, it’s said the animal only has a 50-50 shot at survival.

See the video below for the reunion:

As stands, Lewis faces a long road to recovery. The koala’s hands and feet are completely burned, whilst he also has burns to his stomach, chest and nose.

Thus far, more than 350 koalas are feared dead as a result of the raging bushfires in New South Wales.

We’re sending all our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the bushfires. We can only hope Lewis pulls through!

Once again, a huge thank you to Toni for her incredible rescue effort.