Sanctuary seal celebrates 31st birthday with his own special cake and couldn't be happier

Sanctuary seal celebrates 31st birthday with his own special cake and couldn’t be happier

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday, and it’s even better when someone gets you the perfect, thoughtful gift.

And it’s not just humans—animals appreciate a little birthday love as well. They might not understand the concept of a birthday, but they’re always down for a new present or a special treat.

Like one seal, who recently celebrated his 31st birthday in style thanks to his loving caretakers.

Meet Yulelogs, one of the most beloved residents of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Yulelogs was first rescued by a marine park in 1989, and was released back to his natural habitat when the park closed down.

However, it was soon clear that he had spent too much time in captivity and couldn’t survive on his own in the wild. He was found chasing people with buckets around the beach thinking they contained fish, the sanctuary says.

He was taken in by the RSPCA, and found a permanent home with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, where he’s become a very popular seal.

“Yulelogs is a firm favourite with both our team and guests,” the sanctuary wrote. “He is a very energetic and enthusiastic seal, especially when it comes to his husbandry training and environmental enrichment.”

So when Yulelogs celebrated his birthday last month, the staff knew they had to do something to celebrate.

As he turned 31, the seal was surprised with a very special gift just for him: his own cake!

The cake was made of ice and fish, and while that might not sound too appetizing for a human birthday, Yulelogs couldn’t have been happier:

“Yulelogs absolutely loved his birthday cake,” Georgina Shannon, the sanctuary’s marketing and media coordinator, told The Dodo.

“It’s a great form of enrichment for him also as it requires a bit of thinking on how to get the fish out of the cake!”

It clearly made Yulelogs’ day—but not only that, it gave the staff something to celebrate after a rough few months.

“It’s been an incredibly tough few months at the sanctuary and for everyone due to COVID-19,” Georgina said. “So it was just really nice to have a moment of celebration.” 

They really made this seal’s birthday special! Happy birthday, Yulelogs! Share this adorable story!