Robert Irwin posts selfie with his ‘self-isolation buddy,’ a giant tortoise

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken all of our lives, and we’re all continuing to stay indoors in self-isolation.

It’s a bleak situation, but many people have taken solace in animals—from the wildlife enjoying the quiet streets, to their own pets whom they get to spend quality time with at home.

But while many people have been passing the time with their dogs and cats, Robert Irwin has a very different companion: a giant tortoise!

Robert, the son of the late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, carries on his dad’s legacy of helping wildlife; he and his family continue to save animals through the Australia Zoo.

He posted the funny selfie, captioned “My self isolation buddy,” where he and the tortoise are making hilariously similar faces, just one of the many ways people are trying to lighten the mood during the global lockdown.

The tortoise’s name is Igloo, and he’s a resident at the Australia Zoo. He is a giant Aldabra tortoise, a protected species. And as Robert’s mother Terri pointed out, he’s up for “adoption,” as in you can make a contribution to help fund his protection.

In spite of everything going on it’s been an exciting time for the Irwin family: last week Robert’s sister and fellow conservationist Bindi Irwin got married!

While the ceremony was small and private due to social distancing rules, she had high spirits, and the story brought some good news to people around the world.

While the Irwins continue to self-isolate like everybody else, it helps that they get to do it at their zoo with plenty of great animals to keep them company!

Thank you to Robert for posting this tortoise selfie, it gave us a smile when we needed it! Share this funny story!