Rescuers free distressed mother whale from fishing net — thank you

Whales are incredible, majestic creatures, but sadly they often struggle due to human activity, like becoming trapped in fishing equipment in the ocean.

Thankfully, there are also kind humans out there willing to step up and help these creatures. That was the case recently, when one team helped a distressed mama whale get free from a fishing net.


According to a press release from the Center for Coastal Studies, in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a humpback whale named Pinball became entangled in a fishing net off Cape Ann.

Pinball was with her calf at the time and “showed clear signs of distress,” struggling to get free of the fishing gear. Boaters saw the struggling humpback and contacted the Center for Coastal Studies’ Marine Animal Entanglement Response team, who soon arrived to help.

According to the press release, Pinball began to swim away while still entangled in the net. Her calf spent time away from her mom but periodically rejoined her to nurse.

The rescue operation took several hours: the MAER team used large floats and a small inflatable boat to remove the fishing gear from the whale, which had become lodged in her mouth.

Finally free from the fishing gear, Pinball rejoined her calf; the prognosis for both whales is “now much improved,” according to CSS.

The team was assisted by Good Samaritan boaters, the Hurricane II whale watch vessel, a commercial fisher and the US Coast Guard, and they said they were “grateful to to all the mariners who helped” in the successful operation.

We’re so glad this beautiful whale is safe and free now! Thank you to everyone who saved her ❤️🐳

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