Police are searching for person who killed a hedgehog with a firework — spread the word

Fireworks can be a festive way to celebrate holidays, but it’s becoming more and more clear that they can pose a danger to animals. Pets can become scared and run away from home, others have been accidentally poisoned or suffered heart attacks.

But what’s really despicable is people who use fireworks to intentionally harm animals. One heartbreaking story reveals that there are some sick people out there—and now the police are trying to track them down.

The South Ribble Police Department shared news of an incident in Longton, Lancashire, England.

Someone in the area attached a firework to the head of a wild hedgehog, then lit it and let it explode.


The poor animal suffered greatly from the blast and sadly lost its life: “It comes with great sadness to say that due to this incident the hedgehog has had to be put down due to the extent of it injuries,” the South Ribble Police wrote.

It’s appalling that anyone would do something like this. Hedgehogs are cute and harmless animals—they may be wild creatures but they deserve our respect. It’s heartbreaking to think this hedgehog died in such a cruel and senseless way.

“Sadly we do receive complaints about people misusing fireworks to cruelly target pets as well as wildlife,” an RSPCA spokesperson told BBC.

“If someone has deliberately tied a firework to a hedgehog we would urge anyone who knows the person responsible to either call the police or the RSPCA.”


But the worst part is, the perpetrators got away with it… at least so far. The police don’t know who committed this crime but are eagerly trying to track them down.

“We request that anyone who may have any information regarding this incident come forward,” South Ribble Police wrote.

We have been made aware of an incident in the Longton area in which a firework has been attached to the head of a…

Posted by South Ribble Police on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Hopefully someone comes forward soon, and the perpetrators will be punished. Let’s hope this poor hedgehog gets the justice they deserve!

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