Man trains baby polar bear for movie: 18 years later no one can believe the bond they have

Polar bears are such beautiful, graceful creatures and if we’re lucky we may get a glimpse of one at a zoo.

They are the largest land carnivore but in the wild spend most of their lives on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean. They are so powerful they can kill any animal with just one swipe of their paw.

So to see Mark Dumas with a polar bear he has reared since she was a cub is such an astonishing sight.


Almost two decades ago Mark was asked to find a polar bear for a movie; he trained animals for movies and the request was just work to him.

He discovered Agee, who was being hand reared at a zoo because her mother was too old to cope — understandable considering she was her 11th cub.

What Mark didn’t expect was the bond he would develop with this powerful creature.


No regrets

It didn’t take long before the Canadian animal trainer realized he couldn’t be apart from Agee and decided to raise her at his British Columbia home.

And although many may think that’s a crazy idea, Mark has not regretted his decision for a second.

When you see these two together in the video below you’ll understand. The bond Mark and Agee have is quite incredible.

See for yourself in the video below

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