Officer takes in injured, lonely coyote puppy from the side of the parkway and saves his life

Officer takes in injured, lonely coyote puppy from the side of the parkway and saves his life

It’s a police officer’s duty to help those in their community when they’re in need — whether they be human or animal.

Officers can often be counted on to go above and beyond the line of duty to help an animal in need, like one trooper who responded to a call about a “dog” in need of help, only to find out it wasn’t a dog at all.

Trooper Carlo Mastromattei of the Massachusetts State Police responded to a call, apparently about a wounded dog in need of help on the side of the parkway.

But when he arrived on the scene, he was surprised to discover that the dog was in fact a wild coyote.

But the coyote pup was still in need of help. He was wounded and all by himself, with no mother in sight.

He was also in a very dangerous spot, with cars speeding by on the parkway. Trooper Mastromattei contacted local animal authorities, but no one was available.

But he was able to reach Ocean View Kennels, and the owner Lisa Cutting arrived on the scene and helped secure the coyote in a crate to bring him to safety.

Then, going above and beyond the line of duty, Trooper Mastromattei took the coyote home to care for it himself.

The department described them as “devoted animal lovers,” and the coyote spent the night in good hands.

But of course, it was just for one night. Soon, the coyote had to go into the care of wildlife specialists who can help him get back to where he belongs.

The next morning he was brought to Tufts Wildlife, where he was given a veterinary examination and found to be in good health. Then, he was transferred to a wildlife expert, who rehabilitated him so he could be released back into the wild.

The Massachusetts State Police shared the story on Facebook, and thanked everyone involved with the little coyote’s rescue.

“The Department offers its sincere thanks to Trooper Mastromattei, his girlfriend, Ocean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care for this beautiful little creature,” they wrote.

Thank you to Trooper Mastromattei and everyone who helped save this beautiful coyote puppy!

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