Motorcyclist stops to give water to thirsty armadillo

Sometimes wild animals need a little human kindness, and there are some kind people willing to go out of their way to help them out.

Like one man, who pulled over on the side of the road to make one thirsty armadillo’s day by providing it with some much-needed water.

Last month, Nelson Cardoso, from Brazil, was riding his motorcycle down when he noticed an armadillo trying to cross the busy highway. According to The Dodo, he pulled his bike over to help get the animal out of danger.

“Hey little friend, it’s not good to be near the road,” he said to the armadillo.


The armadillo, apparently understanding that the man was there to help, seemed to accept him as a friend: “Normally, they’re skittish. But he approached me without fear,” Nelson told The Dodo.

It was a hot day, and Nelson decided his new friend might need a cold drink. He got a jug of water, and poured it out to the armadillo, who happily accepted and drank it up.

“Come on and drink, pal,” he tells the armadillo. “Drink some water, that drought’s bad.”


Once the armadillo happily had its fill of water, Nelson moved him away from the road so it wouldn’t get into any harm.

He posted his adorable interaction on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 2 million times.

“It was a privilege to be able to help you,” he captioned the video.


foi um privilégio poder ajudá-lo.

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What a heartwarming video. Thank you to Nelson for going out of your way to help this armadillo — it’s clear it appreciated your kindness.

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