Kind man pulls over to give water to thirsty armadillo

Kind man pulls over to give water to thirsty armadillo

Sometimes wild animals need a little help, and luckily there are kind bystanders who are willing to come to their rescue.

Like one man, who saw an armadillo who appeared to be begging him to stop — so he pulled over and saved the day.

On a hot afternoon, a man named Cledson Matias de Oliveira was driving down a rural road when he spotted an armadillo standing in the street.

“The armadillo stood as if he were asking for something,” Cledson told The Dodo. “I believe he was asking for help.”


He immediately pulled over and looked at the animal, and quickly realized the armadillo was suffering from thirst. Smoke from wildfires in the region filled the air, making things even worse.

So, he grabbed a bottle of water from his car, and gave the little animal a much-needed drink to cool off.

And it was immediately clear how much the armadillo appreciated it: “He drank the water with great desire,” Cledson said. “He was really happy [I stopped]. I could feel it at the moment.”


It was a special moment for Cledson, too. He says it’s rare to have that kind of moment with a wild armadillo, and that the animal stayed by his side even after it finished the water.

“Normally, armadillos do not let human beings get close to them,” he told The Dodo. “It was magical and unique.”

“I believe he understood that I was there to help him.”


He says he considered taking the armadillo home with him as the area continues to be affected by wildfires, but decided it was better off in the desert.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

What a precious moment. Thank you to this man for pulling over to help out this poor animal — it’s clear how much it appreciated the water!

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