Man nearly loses finger after freak attack – now he warns others: ‘Just watch out’

When Austin McGee was doing some work out in the woods near his Tennessee home with a friend, he had no idea of the danger that awaited him.

He reached toward a pile of metal and felt a sharp pain in his finger; what happened next shocked him so much he had to share pictures to warn others.

Now his warning has gone viral and when you see the pictures you’ll understand why. We all need to be careful when outside in wooded areas.


“I heard something, it sounded like a faint little rattle,” his friend Noah Hammer told Fox17. “(Thought it) Must just be a bug or something because it wasn’t that loud.”

Next thing he knew Austin had been bitten on his finger by a snake.

Photo: Facebook

The bite got worse and Austin’s finger swelled, skin around started to come off; he was in constant pain.

Doctors told him the bite, which nearly caused him to lose his finger, was caused by a baby timber rattlesnake.

Austin was shocked when he was told it was a snake bite as he’s never seen one near his house in Franklin.

“It was just kind of a freak accident,” Austin told Fox 17. “I honestly never thought that a rattlesnake bite was that big of a deal.”

Photo: Facebook

Thankfully doctors were able to treat him, and he has been told he will make a full recovery.

Now he wants to warn others about the dangers of rattlesnakes and has posted gory pictures of his finger online, which have been shared by thousands.

“Just watch out, watch your step, and don’t pick stuff up unless you kick around it and look around it,” he added.

Photo: Facebook

Please share to warn others to be extra careful when they are in wooded areas.

You never know what you could startle and how it could react!