Man evacuates kangaroos by van from Ukraine zoo after their enclosure was bombed

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has shocked the world and affected millions of innocent lives. Many civilians have had to flee their homes, while others are stuck under heavy fire.

While the toll on human life has been tragic and immeasurable, it’s also greatly affected Ukraine’s animals, from pets stranded at the border to zoo animals, who have been scared by the sounds of bombs overhead. Some animals have been successfully evacuated, but it can be a difficult ordeal.

But recently, one zoo announced that their kangaroos have made it to safety after their habitat came under fire.

Feldman Ecopark is a zoo in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second most populous city that has become one of the epicenters of Russian bombing. The zoo has been working to evacuate their animals to safety.

The most recent successful evacuees were the zoo’s kangaroos. The animals have been in the danger zone, as the zoo says their territory was “repeatedly shelled.”


But a video shared by the zoo shows the kangaroos being driven out of the area, all packed in the back of a van. “Now they are already safe,” the zoo wrote on Facebook. “We believe that now they will be fine!”

The man driving the van, apparently a volunteer who is taking them across the border, is taking a risk by transporting them out, but it doesn’t seem to be his first animal evacuation.

“It is one month since the war began and we keep evacuating the animals,” he says in the video, according to Daily Mail.

While it’s great news for the kangaroos, there are still many animals in the zoo, waiting for their turn to be taken to safety and living in constant fear of further bombings.

“We would like to take them all out of here as quickly as possible, but, unfortunately, this can only be done in small batches,” the Ecopark wrote on Facebook today, after finding traces of new destruction amidst their pig and goat enclosures.

“But we will definitely continue this work and finish it. Every life, whether human or animal, is worthy of fighting for its salvation.”

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Posted by Фельдман Екопарк on Monday, March 28, 2022

As the evacuation slowly but surely continues, volunteers have been hard at work taking care of the animals who remain.

A recent video shows volunteers caring for a family of tapirs — the only tapir family in Ukraine with a cub, according to the zoo — who can’t be evacuated yet due to their size.

While their struggles are far from over, this zoo is celebrating each victory, including getting their beautiful kangaroos to safety.

In their post they thanked all the volunteers and staff members who have been helping them through this difficult time.

“Many thanks to volunteers and employees who take risks to save animals, as well as to our many friends – caring people, businesses and NGO’s who help us financially and make our rescue operations possible. Your support truly saves lives!”

We’re so glad these kangaroos have been evacuated. We hope that every animal in Ukraine is able to make it to safety — thank you to all the volunteers who have been working hard and risking their lives to help these animals.

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