Lions nap in the middle of the road during coronavirus quarantine in South Africa

If there’s one positive we can take away from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that wild animals seem to be getting the respite they’ve needed for a very long time.

Without the meddling of humans, and without people encroaching on their territory, animals are taking ever bolder steps in several countries. Take Wales, for example, that has seen sheep and deer flooding many of the towns and villages. Or Italy, where wild boar have been seen in places they can’t usually go.

Still not impressed? Well, people all over the internet are enjoying a set of photos taken in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Credit: Richard Sowry / Kruger National Park

The pictures show a pride of lions taking it easy on the road, completely unperturbed by the presence of photographer and park ranger Richard Sowry.

“This lion pride are usually resident on Kempiana Contractual Park, an area Kruger tourists do not see,” Kruger tweeted on Wednesday. “This afternoon they were lying on the tar road just outside of Orpen Rest Camp.”

Credit: Richard Sowry / Kruger National Park

Park spokesman Isaac Phaahla told CNN: “Lying on the road during the daytime is unusual because under normal circumstances there would be traffic and that pushes them into the bush.”

He continued:

“They just occupy places that they would normally shun when there are tourists. People should remember that KNP is still a largely wild area and in the absence of humans, wildlife is more active.”

Wow, these photos are so impressive! In some ways I’m glad the animals are being given a moment to be by themselves.

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