This gorilla has become an internet star, when he turns around you’ll understand why

I have always been in awe of primates; up close they are fascinating creatures who give us so much insight into how we as humans have evolved.

Their hands and feet remind us so much of our own and if we are lucky enough to see one up close and personal, their expressions are all knowing.

But for one gorilla living at an animal park in Kent, England, the link with human behavior is even closer.

Ambam is a 27-year-old western lowland gorilla who likes to walk upright and spend long periods of time on his back legs.


Walk like a human

While it isn’t uncommon for gorillas to stand upright, Ambam does it far more frequently than usual.

Video footage capturing the mighty beast in action at Port Lympne wild animal park near Hythe has made him an internet star.

His skill of walking like a human is also shared by his sister Tamba and her two-year-old son Kabale, a park spokesman said, according to the Daily Mail.

Take a look at the video below and watch him move, it is so amazing!

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