Child falls into the gorilla pit at the zoo – then a huge male gorilla walks up and everyone loses their breath

Child falls into the gorilla pit at the zoo – then a huge male gorilla walks up and everyone loses their breath

I can think of many times when animals have given humans a lesson in humanity, as sad as that is.

We keep wild animals captured in zoos just so we can visit them for our own amusement, and we assume that if we saw a wolf, bear, lion or other wild animal out in the world, they would immediately attack us. In fact, many animals would be content to live their lives far away from us… and some of them would even be willing to step in to help if we ever came to harm.

This story is about an 11 year old boy who fell into the gorilla pit while visiting the zoo. When a huge male gorilla approached him, everyone feared for the boy’s life.

But the gorilla’s reaction left everyone frozen.

The incident happened in a zoo in England. An 11-year-old boy was visiting the zoo when he suddenly fell into the gorilla’s den.


The boy was unconscious and completely still. He wasn’t showing any signs of life. While a rescue team was on the way, a huge male silverback gorilla approached the child, before the eyes of the terrified crowd who could only watch helplessly from above.


While the crowd looked on, fearing the worst, the gorilla approached the child, looked at him curiously and then tenderly ran his hand up and down the boy’s back in a soothing way.

Soon afterwards the child regained consciousness and began to cry. The gorilla left, taking his band of gorillas with him.

The rescuers were on their way and boy was taken out of the pit. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.

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The incredible moment is shown in the documentary The Urban Gorilla, a film that shows animals in captivity in different zoos across the world.

This gorilla gave us a great lesson in how to respect other living beings, while we limit ourselves to enclosing them for our enjoyment. It gives us a lot to think about.

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