Firefighters come to the rescue of deer trapped in sewer

There’s something mysterious about sewers — you never know what might be down there, just under our feet below the surface.

Recently, one group of firefighters found something very unexpected peering out of the sewer: a deer!

It’s not very unusual for cats or dogs to get stuck in sewers, but deer are much bigger, which makes this quite a surprise. It’s not clear how he got in there, but he definitely needed some help getting out.


Thankfully, help was on the way: the Troy Fire Department’s C Shift arrived on the scene to help this “deer who found himself in a tight place.”

A video shared by the department shows the firefighters in action. To free the deer, they opened a manhole cover, and were able to get a hold of the deer using a rescue rope and a towel.

Then, they lifted the deer out safely, and the animal ran off, free once more. Needless to say it was an unusual day of work for these firefighters, but they were happy to help!

“You never know what the next call will bring,” the department wrote on Facebook. “The guys are always happy to help! Best job ever!”

The incident happened just days before Halloween, and the sight of the deer peaking out of the sewer elicited comparisons to Pennywise, the terrifying clown from Stephen King’s It.

Thankfully for these helpful firefighters, the deer was a lot more friendly.