Family of cute baby foxes turn man’s backyard into their playground

To experience the beauty of nature, sometimes you don’t need to go further than your own backyard. If you’re lucky you might just get blessed by a visit from your local wildlife.

Maybe the best experience is getting to see foxes, who are beautiful and playful animals. One man recorded his adorable visits from a family of foxes who decided his yard was the perfect place to play.

Like most people Shawn Davis, from Illinois, and his family have been stuck inside throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but the family found something to entertain them at home when they got their first encounter with a fox.


“We had never actually seen a fox kit before and were really surprised they were in our yard, since we live in the middle of a residential neighborhood,” Shawn told The Dodo.

The young foxes played in the yard before disappearing into the woods again. But soon, they returned… this time, with the whole family.

Soon many foxes appeared and made themselves at home, chasing each other around and laying in the sun.

“Our yard is very private and I think they just felt safe there,” Shawn said. “They would curl up and sleep under the trees in the daytime and then play in the morning and at dusk.”


He says that the foxes brought a lot of joy to their family during the pandemic, and he learned a lot about their behavior.

“I didn’t realize they were so playful,” he told The Dodo. “They were very cute little critters… It was a great experience for sure!”

The foxes’ appearances in their yard have since become less frequent as they’ve grown up, but Shawn hopes they will have kids, and the new generation will grace their yard soon.

What adorable foxes! How great it would be to have these amazing animals in your backyard. Share this cute story!