Dolphin jumps out of the sea shocking boaters, then does this to an unsuspecting dog

Dolphins are magnificent creatures. They are also highly intelligent animals that can be found around the world.

Their intelligence is often studied with researchers placing them up there as one of the most intelligent animals after dogs.

In the clip you’re about to see two great animal minds come together in the most playful and fun way and I can’t believe it was caught on camera.

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We have some understanding of how animals communicate with each other using sounds, smell and gestures.

According to Duke University researcher Brian Hare, dogs obsessively study humans in order to understand how we communicate

“Dogs follow human pointing so well that they understand it whether it’s done with a hand or a foot,” he said, according to NBC News.

Where dolphins are concerned their brains look nothing like human brains and yet they have similar characteristics to a person, especially when it comes to social skills, according to the article.

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So what happens when a dog and a dolphin come together? In the video below, posted by One World Ocean, it seems a huge kiss.

Two dogs are enjoying a trip on the ocean with their owner in a boat when a dolphin emerges from the water and gives one of them a kiss.

The dog doesn’t move an inch, he’s not even scared; he just enjoys the surprise interaction. The dolphin even does a happy dance after.

See this delightful greeting in the clip below and don’t forget to share it with all your ocean-loving friends.

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