Deer discovers snowman in yard, what she does next makes the whole internet laugh

Some animals are more curious than others. One of the most curious, but cautious, has to be the deer.

This family spotted a deer in their yard after the snowman they had just built sparked the animal’s curiosity. But what the camera caught next made everybody laugh.

Building a snowman is often the most fun you can have during the cold winter months. The whole process of rolling snow to make a body and head, creating eyes, using a carrot for its nose and making a smile out of charcoal is a fun activity that everybody should have a go at. For me it’s a sign that winter has finally arrived.

This is just what one family did with all the snow that fell outside their home. But soon someone else was also interested in the newly made snowman — a hungry deer.

YouTube/The Dodo

During the winter deer mainly eat berries and nuts. They try to find foods with a high nutritional content which can be easily digested. Therefore, a backyard can be a gold mine of food for these beautiful animals — and this day was one particularly golden find.

YouTube/The Dodo

Curiosity took over

A snowman may appear scary for some animals, but this curious deer couldn’t help but explore the cold creation.

What was an even greater find for the deer was that the family had not only used carrots for the snowman’s nose but also for his hair.

YouTube/The Dodo

After smelling and studying the snowman, the deer made a meal of his hair. But she wasn’t happy to leave it at that. Perhaps there was something that was hidden in the snowman’s body?

Youtube/The Dodo

The deer decided to explore the snowman more and tunneled her way through to see if there was more food, knocking off the snowman’s head.

When the deer was finished there was nothing left of this newly created snowman. She had completely devoured him!

Thanks to the deer’s curiosity she enjoyed a hearty and nutritious meal.

Watch the curious deer enjoying her meal in the video below:

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