Couple kiss over the corpse of lion they just shot dead in vile photo

Hunting an animal for sport is shocking enough to us animal lovers but celebrating the kill is something else.

One couple from Canada seemed so happy to have shot dead a mighty lion they felt the need to pose for a picture while kissing over its corpse. The image has been shared by thousands who are sickened by the photo.

Darren and Carolyn Carter decided to celebrate the murder with a kiss and a picture.

Legelela Safaris, a South African hunting company, posted the picture to Facebook with the words: “Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun… well done. A monster lion.”

I’m not sure how killing a defenseless animal in captivity with a gun constitutes “hard work,” and I’m not the only one.

Legelela Safaris states on its website that it wants to “provide the best to hunters and non-hunters alike and we would love it if you bring your family along” with some of the most expensive packages offered to those who want to kill a hyena; shooting a lion is listed as “price on request.”

‘Cowardly to the extreme’

The disturbing image went viral and attracted thousands of comments including a tweet from Dr Lauren Gavaghan which read: “Not brave. Not cool. Cowardly to the extreme. What sad sad souls to kill such a majestic & beautiful animal.” 

Xpose Trophy Hunting states, “The kissing couple are Darren and Carolyn Carter from Alberta Canada, they killed 3 canned lions in a day. They run a taxidermy business called Solitude Taxidermy, on Facebook. 🤬🤢”

Canned hunting is what campaigners refer to as the killing of an animal that is in an enclosure to obtain a trophy, according to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

‘This has to stop now!’

Oilergirl posted, “I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled at these people. This is all for sport and it is absolutely disgusting. This has to stop now!”

According to The Animal Rescue Site, the couple received multiple death threats and have since removed all social media accounts. British newspaper the Mirror was able to talk to Darren and he said, “We aren’t interested in commenting on that at all. It’s too political.”

I will never understand what drives a person to pay money so they can kill an animal, it’s barbaric and needs to be stopped.

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