Condor set to fly for the first time after injury – but now watch what he does when he turns around



For all the terrible people in the world whose actions hurt poor defenseless animals there are many people and wildlife organizations that do wonderful things to help.

In the case of this magnificent condor, he was found lifeless by officers in Catamarca, Argentina. Health experts suspected the male condor had been poisoned, which had left him too weak to fly. He was immediately given help and got to the point where he would be able to return to the wild.

Thankfully someone recorded this special moment, because what this big bird did next is almost unbelievable and a testament to the people who saved him.

The Andean condor, called Sayani, was found by police officers too weak to fly. Health experts said he was dehydrated and starving and suspected he had been poisoned.

Andean condors are the largest flying bird in the world and part of the New World vulture family. They are found in the Andes mountains and Pacific coasts of western South America.

Sayani was taken to Buenos Aires Zoo and nursed back to health in a safe, nurturing environment.

When he was well enough to be released into the wild many people gathered to see him fly again but what he did has touched the hearts of so many who have watched this amazing footage.


It looks like the condor is hesitating and we’re all wondering if he’s going to fly or stay there looking at the sea forever. But after a while he decides that it’s time and he’s ready to fly again.

Just before he flies away he turns to the people who have looked after him and stretches out his wings; he looks like he is thanking them; giving them that one last glance and a nod before he flies off. 


And then the big bird flies away. It is so beautiful. He flies around and then he flies down to the ground to rest on a rock. After taking a breath, he flies again.

It’s so wonderful to see this condor fly again after what he’s been through!

Primer vuelo del condor maravilloso

Espectacular video de un condor volando por primera vez

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Thank you to the wildlife heroes who saved him! It is wonderful to see this magnificent bird return to its natural habitat. 

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