Bystander rescues baby fawn who was trapped in rapid canal

It’s always inspiring to see people helping deer. These wild animals can often be found in our own neighborhoods and yards, so it’s not uncommon to encounter one in need of a little human kindness.

And recently, one man came to the rescue of a fawn who had become trapped in a canal.

The dramatic footage, captured by a woman named Rachel Kunz and shared by KSL 5 TV, shows a fawn struggling in a canal in Equestrian Park in North Ogden, Utah.


The baby deer keeps trying to climb its way out, but the rapids are too strong.


Making things even worse, the deer is headed straight towards a metal grate that would likely trap or injure the deer.


But thankfully, bystanders noticed the deer trapped in the canal, and quickly enacted a plan.

One man — who according to USA Today is presumed to be Rachel Kunz’s husband, Dean — climbed on top of the grate, prepared to grab the fawn just in time.


The plan works: the man grabs hold of the fawn, and gives it a boost to finally reach dry land.


Back on land, the fawn runs off, apparently unharmed.

In the video you can hear another bystander pointing out that the fawn’s mother was waiting for it on the other side, and they were presumably reunited.

Watch the incredible video below:

What an incredible rescue. This man went out of his way and saved this deer’s life just in the nick of time.

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