Bullfighting is set to return to the Spanish island of Mallorca – two years after it was banned

After animal welfare campaigners rejoiced when the Spanish island of Mallorca issued a ban on bullfighting, it is set to return.

A bullfight is set to take place in Palma, Mallorca in August, according to bullfighting website Mundotoro, as reported by The Mallorca Daily Bulletin.

Bullfighting has been an iconic tradition in Spain for thousands of years despite constant attempts by animal welfare campaigners to stop it.

But in 2017 lawmakers on the Spanish island of Mallorca were praised for going against Spanish authorities in Madrid and voting to stop it.

In the move it became illegal to let bulls perform for more than 10 minutes or to use sharp implements or horses in a bullring — making the sport impossible, according to an article by The Express at the time.

Welcome decision

Joanna Swabe, from the Humane Society International/Europe, applauded the decision at the time adding, “Taunting and killing bulls for entertainment is a brutal anachronism and so this is a very satisfying victory for compassionate policy making.”

But two years later it’s set to return to the Palma, the island’s capital.

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This bullfight will be held at the Coliseo Balear ring, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The bullfight was a tradition for many years until 2017.

In December last year, a court ruled that the legislation passed by Mallorca was unconstitutional, paving the way for the cruel ‘sport’ to return.

Palma is set to be the only area on the balearic island of Mallorca where a bullfight has been scheduled this year, according to the Mallorca Daily Bulletin.

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