Bird of prey carrying shark-like fish swooping over a beach is caught on camera

There are many moments in nature that we as human beings are lucky to witness.

But beach goers enjoying a day by the ocean in South Carolina were met with one sight they’ll never forget.

A huge bird of prey was spotted swooping over the beach carrying what many thought was a shark.

The stunning sight was caught on camera by Ashley White, from Tennessee and shared on the Tracking Sharks Twitter account, CBS News reports.

What appears to be an eagle is spotted flying over Myrtle Beach with the shark between its talons which is still alive and trying to free itself from her grip.

Ashley said she captured the bird with its prey on her iPhone from the 17th floor of a building she was staying in.

‘The coolest thing on Twitter’

One person commented that they were also on the beach at the time and saw the bird while another said the bird looked like an Osprey.

“I WAS ON THAT BEACH! IT FLEW OVER US! Holy! We’ve been telling people about it!” one Twitter user wrote.

Startling footage shows a bird of prey swooping over a beach ...

The video was also posted on YouTube by Amazing World where almost 20,000 viewed the video.

According to the site the fish was identified as a ladyfish which can grow up to 3 feet long and the bird was confirmed as an Osprey, according to birdwatcher David Barrett who runs the twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert.

Nature fans said the video was “the coolest thing on Twitter today” and said the bird deserves a cameo on “the next Sharknado film.”

I would not have believed this unless I’d seen the video, absolutely stunning.

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