Bear spotted in supermarket on two occasions grabbing food ready for hibernation

We can all agree that supermarket shopping has not been the same during the coronavirus crisis.

Staff on the door counting the number of people entering, hunting down wipes so we can clean our shopping carts, everyone wearing masks, and standing on designated spots to remind us to keep 6 feet apart.

But in one supermarket in California shoppers got a sight they didn’t expect.

It seems savvy bears driven by their need to eat as much as they can before they go into hibernation have decided to take a leaf out of humans’ books and visit the store to get their food essentials.

A Safeway in Lake Tahoe has been visited twice in two weeks by hungry bears, according to Today.

The first bear was caught on camera by fellow shopper Adina Baidoo on August 18 grabbing a bag of chips.

β€œIt appears that a bear has decided that he’s going to go shopping,” Baidoo says in the video. The bear grabbed a bag of Tostitos chips before walking out, Today reports.

One week later a bear was filmed investigating the produce section, according to CBS Los Angeles. It’s unclear whether it was the same bear spotted just days before but it left with a plastic container in its mouth that looked like a cup of yogurt.

There are around 35,000 black bears in Lake Tahoe and people are encouraged to not leave out food so as not to attract the bears. 

“Bears that seek human food have not forgotten how to forage naturally,” the National Parks Service writes on their website.

“Human food simply has much more energy (fat, calories, etc.) than their natural foods so they can spend much less time foraging and pack on more pounds when eating human food.”

2 Bears In A Week Take Shoplifting Sprees In California Safeway | Across  California, CA Patch

I love these amazing creatures but I don’t think I want to see them in my local supermarket.

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