Baby swan dies after being kicked by jogger — police are looking for the culprit

It’s always shocking how cruel people can be to innocent animals just living their lives, but this story is particularly sickening.

A baby swan was attacked by a heartless jogger, and despite rescue efforts has now died from her injuries. People are outraged, and demanding the perpetrator be found.

According to The Swan Sanctuary, a man was jogging through London’s Richmond Park earlier this month. When a newborn cygnet was in his way, he deliberately kicked it out of his path rather than just swerve around it.

We would just like to thank the brave jogger by pen pond in Richmond Park today who deliberately booted this newborn …

Posted by The Swan Sanctuary on Monday, June 8, 2020

Thankfully not everyone was so cruel: someone witnessed the incident, picked up the swan, and reported it to park police.

But the cygnet had sustained terrible injuries from the kick. She was given emergency medical attention, but heartbreakingly it was too late.

“We are doing all we can but it doesn’t look hopeful,” the sanctuary wrote.

Sadly, the Royal Parks Police announced that the swan had died.

The police also said that the man was also seen kicking another swan, but that swan survived by escaping to the water.

It’s clear this man has serious issues and could continue to to harm innocent wildlife if not caught. Police are asking for any information people have about the incident.

There isn’t much to go on, but police say the man is balding and had a logo on his running top.

We hope this sick person is caught and brought to justice. Rest in peace to this poor baby swan.

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