Nesting swan shot in the head as she tended to her unhatched eggs

Police in the UK are hunting for the person who shot a nesting swan in the head with an air rifle as she cared for her unhatched eggs.

As per reports, the bird, shot in Berkshire, England, was found last week on April 22. An animal welfare group in the area said that the attack is the fifth one in ten days, leaving four swans injured and one dead.

Wendy Hermon, of Swan Support, said: “She was sat on a nest and they shot her in the head. We got a call to say she had blood all over its head.

“We went to pick her up and she had an operation on Thursday to remove an 8mm ball fired from an air weapon.

“She’s very subdued but she’s okay and will hopefully make a full recovery.

“I think it’s sick, sick people who have nothing else better to do. How can someone shoot a defenceless swan sat on a nest?”

The swan’s eggs are currently being looked after in a center, with the mother expected to make a full recovery.

David Barber MVO, Queen Elizabeth’s Swan Marker, said: “I am shocked and disgusted to learn of the shooting of a female swan who was sitting on a nest of four eggs.

“At the present time the swan is still alive but this is a life threatening injury and we do not know whether she will survive.

“This type of mindless cruelty is totally unacceptable and unnecessary and I sincerely hope the perpetrator of this abhorrent act will be pursued and punished accordingly.

“I hope that anyone with knowledge or information about this crime will report it to Thames Valley Police.”

Swans usually take around two-to-three weeks to build their nests, after which time the mother will lay her eggs. Once the eggs are laid, they’re incubated by the mama for up to six weeks (during which time she sits on them).

How anyone could harm such a beautiful and innocent creature is truly beyond me. Here’s to hoping the culprit is found!

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