7 kangaroo babies rescued after losing their moms in the bushfires

It’s heartbreaking to read about the staggering number of animals that are being killed by the Australian bushfires.

What we also need to be reminded of is some of these animals are moms whose young have survived but face an uncertain future without the care they need from their parent.

Now an organization is doing all it can to rescue these helpless babies and ensure another generation of animals don’t fall victim to these horrendous blazes.

‘Some type of trauma’

Volunteers from the Agile Project heard about seven wallaby babies who had been orphaned in the blazes and immediately offered to take them in.

While they’re not all related, they’re around the same age and lost their moms in the same area of Australia.

“When they first arrived in our care, they were very stressed as they’d all experienced some type of trauma,” Shai Ager, project manager for the Agile Project, told The Dodo.

“A few of them had some minor injuries but considering what they had been through, they were still in high spirits.”

The 7 joeys currently snuggling together in a shell pool have been given their names. Two boys are called Andrew and…

Posted by The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue on Thursday, January 9, 2020

These gorgeous babies were all given names to honor those who have lost their lives in the fires and the celebrities who have helped.

Honoring the brave firefighters

“Two boys are called Andrew and Geoffrey, honoring the brave firefighters that tragically lost their lives fighting for our country.

“Chris, Ash, Margot, Celeste and Rebel, to thank some Aussie Celebrities for their generous efforts to help both humans and wildlife that have been affected by the fires,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post.

Since the kangaroos were rescued they have been found different carers who can give them even more attention until they’re ready to be released into a safe place in the wild – at around 14 months old.


While the statistics are so depressing it’s organizations like this that are offering hope to us all.

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