6-year-old honored after rushing a chicken to hospital after he accidentally ran over it

Experts believe that the personality traits which define us throughout our lives can be clearly identified from as young as 7 years old.

For one big-hearted 6-year-old he has already shown the true strength of his character when he accidentally killed an animal while out riding his bike.

His actions following this upsetting incident have gone viral as people all over the world are honoring this sweet boy.

Derek C Lalchhanhima, from Mizoram, in northeastern India, was distraught after he accidently hit a chicken while out playing on his bicycle.

Didn’t realize the chicken was dead

According to Derek’s dad the young boy came home with the neighbor’s chicken who he had accidentally killed, reports NDTV.

“He did not understand that the chick is dead and begged his parents to take it to the hospital. His father told him to go himself, which he did with ten rupees,” Sanga Says, who posted about the incident on social media.

As per Reports: This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over his neighbour's chicken. He took the…

Posted by Sanga Says on Tuesday, April 2, 2019


He took the chicken to hospital by himself with all the money he had in the world: ten rupees.

A nurse at the hospital was so moved by the boy’s sweet actions she took a picture of him and then tried to explain there was nothing they could do for the chicken.

Mr Sanga said that Derek came back from the hospital heartbroken and vowed to go back with a 100-rupee note, in an effort to save the chicken.

Derek is honored by his school

“His parents finally had to explain to him that the chick is dead and that there’s nothing they can do at the hospital,” he said, according to NDTV.

The post about the sweet boy’s actions has been shared more than 90,000 times.

Derek’s school heard about his kind actions and decided to honor him presenting him with a certificate and special shawl reserved for those who have performed “great feats.”

I guess by now you all know who this adorable kid is.Derek C Lalchhanhima (age 6) is being honoured by his school and…

Posted by Sanga Says on Thursday, April 4, 2019


This boy showed tremendous courage and empathy in trying to save this chicken. Please share to pay tribute to such a young animal hero.

Rest in peace little chicken!