Police horse refuses to get out of bed for work without a cup of tea

A cup of tea or coffee in the morning goes a long way for most people. I’m personally about as far from a ‘morning person’ as one can possibly get, so I appreciate a hot drink to get the engine started.

So, it turns out, does one police horse in England, who starts every day with a cup of tea.

According to reports, Jack has been serving with the Merseyside Police Mounted Section for the past 15 years and the 20-year-old sticks his tongue in his rider’s mug every day. Now, members of the department have started including him in their tea round.

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The officers claim Jake loves his tea so much that he waits in his stable before going out to start the day.

He takes his health seriously, mind, so opts for skimmed milk instead of full fat. That said, he does indulge in two teaspoons, because why not?

Knowing that a piping hot cup of tea won’t do for a horse, his riders top the cup up with cold water, just the way Jake likes it.

Merseyside Police Mounted Section manager and trainer Lindsey Gaven explained: “Jake is one of 12 horses we’ve got at the stable working with us.

“I’d definitely describe Jake as a horse with a lot of character. We’ve all learnt his tea order – he’ll deal with one sugar, but is definitely happier when you remember to give him two.

“If you’re at the side of the stable and he sees you with a mug in your hand, you can guarantee he’ll trot on over to try and steal a slurp.”

Watch Jake drinking tea in the video below:

Police Horse Can't Start The Day Without His Tea

He's even got a huge Sports Direct mug 😂🐴

Posted by LADbible on Friday, November 29, 2019

Jake’s duties include policing football matches, as well as assisting at the annual Grand National at Aintree Racecourse.

Sadly, given that Jake is now 20, his time with the force will soon draw to a close. After he retires? Well, we can only hope Jake will get to sleep in often, with plenty of tea to ease him into each day.

He certainly seems like a fellow with plenty of character.

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