Horse with giant stomach gives birth – then they look closer at afterbirth and call for help

When Jenni’s beloved horse Daisy was due to give birth to her first foal, Jenni was full of anticipation. But the day didn’t go as she had imagined.

It went much, much better!

Jenni checked on Daisy every day during her pregnancy, but six days past her expected delivery date, she still hadn’t given birth. Then on the seventh day, Jenni and her colleague Guy from the Saratoga Stud breeding farm in South Africa checked on the mother-to-be. And they arrived just time to help Daisy deliver her foal!

The newborn, whom Jenni named Don Quixote, was healthy. But Jenni was surprised to see how small he was, considering how large Daisy’s belly had been in the final stages of her pregnancy.

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Them amid all the excitement of Don Quixote arrival, Jenni’s dogs, who were standing nearby, started barking excitedly at Daisy. When Jenni turned toward the mother horse, she saw — to her great surprise — that she was about to give birth to a second foal!

Jenni immediately asked her colleague Guy to get little Don Quixote out of the way so Daisy wouldn’t be distracted during her second delivery. Moments later, the second baby, named Duet, was born.

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Jenni had no idea that Daisy was expecting twins and she was thrilled to have two foals on her farm.

It turns out that in the unlikely event that a mare is pregnant with two foals, only one usually survives. But thankfully, Daisy was unusually lucky.


Jenni says that the two foals will stay on the farm and she has no plans to ever sell them.

How amazing! I hope the foals stay healthy and grow up to be big, strong horses!

Watch a video of the twins going outside for the first time (when they were about 6 weeks old) here:

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You can find more pictures of the two horses on the Saratoga Stud’s Facebook page.

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