Anxious stallion meets owner’s boyfriend for the first time – everyone holds their breath as the giant charges towards him

When Alesia Carrie took over the stallion Rudnik, he was absolutely terrified of people.

If anyone came near, he would bolt in the opposite direction, fearing for his life. No one was allowed to touch him.

But a meeting with Alesia’s boyfriend changed everything.

No one really knows what happened to Rudnik, but when he came into Alesia’s care, it was evident that he was afraid of humans.

Alesia tirelessly trained Rudnik, hour after hour. Initially, she simply sat in the paddock, gradually getting closer as Rudnik began to relax. Training Rudnik to tolerate human contact alone took a year. But as time passed, he began to trust Alesia more and more.

However, when Alesia met her true love, she worried about how the meeting between her boyfriend and Rudnik would go.

Here’s the twist: Alesia’s boyfriend isn’t particularly interested in horses, and Rudnik certainly had no fondness for men.

But when the boyfriend and Rudnik met for the first time, something unexpected happened.

”Rudnik went straight up to the gate and greeted him there. I don’t even think he had done that for me yet, so I remember feeling so jealous,” Alesia tells We Love Animals, adding:

”Now I feel like the third wheel in my own relationship.”

Rudnik went straight up to the gate and greeted him there. Alesia couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy, as Rudnik hadn’t shown such openness even to her yet.

Now, she humorously admits, she feels like the third wheel in her own relationship.

Alesia believes that her boyfriend, nicknamed “B,” simply has a calming effect on those around him, something Rudnik appreciates.

”When ‘B’ is around, Rudnik becomes like a dog. He follows ‘B’ wherever he goes. They run around the field and play,” Alesia says, adding:

“There was a time when ‘B’ got a work call and Rudnik followed him in circles in the paddock, like ‘Where are we going?’, ‘What are we doing?’. He becomes like a lapdog, he just wants to be in ‘B’s’ face. Not in a pushy way but ‘can we do something’, ‘can we talk’, ‘can we play’.”

See more of Rudnik and ‘B’s’ incredible relationship in the video below. It can’t just be my heart that gets a little warmer seeing this.

Despite Alesia’s initial worries, seeing the special bond between “B” and Rudnik has been heartwarming. It’s a testament to the power of patience, love, and understanding, and it reminds us that sometimes, the most unlikely connections can bring joy and fulfillment.