Animal hero saves wild horse from chains, watch how the horse thanks him

Horses are amazing animals. Their majestic expression, beautiful colors, and kind heart make it impossible to not love them.

But, some are not as nice — like this wild horse stuck in a set of chains.

But, a rescuer with a generous heart decided to help him — something that he would be thanked for seconds later.

Most people appreciate horses for the beautiful creatures they are. However, there are still people out there who want to hurt these wonderful creatures.

In Romania, a horse was trapped, chained and hobbled by its legs to prevent it from running away.

Credit: Youtube

Chained tightly without a chance of getting free

No matter how much the little horse moved and struggled to free himself, the chains were so tight that he couldn’t budge them. A veterinarian saw the trapped horse and decided to act immediately.

Credit: Youtube

The veterinarian saw how tightly the chains were attached, so tight that they began to cut through the horse’s skin above its hooves.

He knew that he needed to work quickly so that this horse could have the freedom he and other animals deserve. The freedom to move around and live as they please.

Credit: Youtube

He rescued the horse – and was thanked

After some time and effort, the veterinarian managed to release the horse from the chains. The horse was free to move away from the human who had rescued him. But, the veterinarian was not prepared for what happened next  — when the horse came back and thanked him.

Credit: Youtube

The horse turned and looked at him. It approached him and put his forehead on him, as if to say, “thank you for all the help,” then he galloped back to his family.

If it had not been for this heroic man, the horse would have continued to suffer, without the freedom it needs. A real hero in my book!

Anyone who saves an animal, whether it’s a horse or a turtle, deserves our greatest respect. Please share this article if you also think that this man deserves thanks for his wonderful actions!

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