Zipper is dumped because of her smile – now animal lovers want to find her a new home

Dog Zipper is a loving, happy and kind dog. She’s just like any other dog, but there’ one thing that makes her stand out from all the others – her mouth.

Zipper has very unique teeth that give her a slightly ‘different’ smile.

Sadly, some people think this makes her ugly, and Zipper ended up on the streets.

8 year old Zipper was found alone on the street. She was saved by Huntsville Animal Services, who immediately noticed that she was special.


Her jaw and teeth are malformed, which gives her quite a unique appearance. That’s most likely why she ended up on the street. Maybe her previous owners didn’t think she was beautiful enough.


Staff at Huntsville Animal Services were quickly able to confirm that Zipper was in good general health, and that her teeth had no negative effect on her quality of life, reports The Dodo.

She is able to eat normally and loves treats.


No one knows what caused Zipper’s unique appearance. She has a large underbite and her teeth sit unusually far apart.Staff have never seen a dog who looks similar to her before.


Zipper seems to have lived on the streets for a long time. She has also had many litters of puppies, presumably also on the street.

It’s very likely that she had a previous owner who abandoned her. It’s sadly not uncommon for dog owners to dump their pets once they get tired of them.


But now Zipper is finally safe. She’s going to stay at the dog shelter until they find a loving ‘forever home’ for her. Considering how kind and special she is, I’m sure it won’t take long to find her a new family!

Good luck to little Zipper!

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Posted by WAFF 48 News on Monday, January 8, 2018


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