Woman’s husky disappears without trace – their reunion 2 years later causes tears to flow

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is losing their beloved dog or cat.

But unfortunately this was exactly what happen to Kameroun Mares.

One day, she got an unexpected and heartbreaking phone call. Her dog had disappeared without a trace.

Kameroun Mares suffered from an aggressive form of cancer and decided to get a husky puppy to help her cope. It was love at first sight. Kameroun named the dog Semper Fidelis, Latin for “always faithful.”

Semper helped Kameroun get through the tough times and gave her love and security.

But in 2016, everything changed. Kameroun had to go from Florida to California for cancer treatment and had to leave Semper with her roommate.

Gone without a trace

Then one day, Kameroun received a horrible phone call. Her roommate told her that Semper had disappeared.

Kameroun felt devastated in California, where she was still undergoing her cancer treatment.

But she never lost hope. She continued to look for her beloved husky everywhere, and every day, she waited for the phone to ring hoping for someone to say that they had found Semper.

But no one called, and even though Semper had a chip, Kameroun couldn’t find her. Still, Kameroun was stubborn and didn’t give up. She posted messages in various Facebook groups, put up pictures of Semper everywhere and contacted various animal shelters, writes the Dodo.

Kameroun missed her beloved dog enormously and dreamed of getting him back.

Lost for two years

It had been two years since Semper had disappeared without a trace. But Kameroun never lost hope and decided to hire a private detective to try and find the dog.

Private detective Anna Campos managed to locate the Semper via his chip and discovered that his new owner had tried to sell him on Craigslist for $200.

Kameroun had mixed feelings. She was delighted that they had located Semper and that he was alive. But she was also worried that someone was trying to sell her beloved dog.

After many months, Kameroun was finally able to meet her beloved dog again.

The moment Kameroun finally reunites with Semper — after 2 years — is absolutely amazing.

Semper, återförening, hund
Foto: Facebook/ Ana Campos

Recognized her voice

As soon as Semper hears Kameroun’s voice, he remembers her and runs to her!

It’s sheer joy. Kameroun can’t hold back the tears and Semper jumps for joy and comforts her when the tears come.

Foto: Facebook/ Ana Campos

Watch the sweet reunion here:

While Semper was away from Kameroun for two years, it wasn’t difficult for him to adapt to life with her again.

My heart warms watching this reunion. I’m so happy to see that Kameroun found her beloved dog. I hope they have a nice life together. Share this video with your friends so that they can also enjoy this wonderful reunion.