Woman tearfully reunites with her long-lost dog, found in the desert after two years

Christmas is always a time for miracles, and this past holiday was no exception. There were many stories of people getting their one Christmas wish: to see their lost pets again.

Like one woman, who couldn’t hold back tears as she reunited with her long-lost dog who was found alone in the desert after years apart — a moment she called a “Christmas miracle.”

Simone Brown, of Scottsdale, Arizona, loved her pet Yorkie dog, named Prada Chanel. But sadly, she was forced to give up the dog after moving from New York to California two years ago, according to FOX 29.

Simone rehomed her pet with a truck driver, and she says he promised to take care of her. Two years passed, and Simone accepted that her dog was gone and off with a new family.

However, recently she got some news she never expected. It all started when Joann Canafax, of California-based rescue savemytail.org, discovered an unkempt stray dog fending for herself in the desert.


“I saw two tiny little dogs out there digging in some trash,” Joann told FOX 29. “She was a mess, matted, really long nails.”

Joann took the dog in, and thankfully discovered she had a microchip — it was Prada Chanel, and the registration info, never updated in the past two years, still identified Simone as the owner.

It’s not clear what Prada has been up to the past two years, or whether she went missing from home or was intentionally left in the California desert.

But after receiving the unexpected call, Simone was overjoyed, and after two years welcomed her old friend back home. A volunteer from the rescue drove Prada all the way to her Arizona home.


Prada arrived on December 23. Even after two years, there was no love lost: Simone tearfully embraced her old dog, who had taken such an unusual journey back to her.

She also thanked the rescuers, calling them “like my Santa.” “It’s a Christmas miracle,” she said.


With her now-6-year-old dog finally back home safe, Simone says she is going to make sure this time she has a home for life.

“I love her so much,” Simone told FOX 29. “I will not let her go anywhere else, and I promise: never again baby. We will do it together.”

We’re so glad Prada Chanel is finally home safe and sound after so long. It’s a reminder to get your pets microchipped — it can make “Christmas miracles” like this happen, even after years apart.

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