‘Christmas miracle’: Lost cat reunites with her family after three years

Christmas is a time for miracles, and one family is definitely counting their blessings after reuniting with an old friend just in time for the holidays.

Jessica Kelly, from Connecticut, is the loving owner of a cat named Jasmine. But she was left devastated in 2018 when the cat escaped from her home and disappeared.

She searched everywhere to no avail, and when she moved from Bristol to Meriden, it seemed like her beloved pet was gone for good: “After about six months, when I moved out of town, I kind of lost hope,” Jessica told NBC Connecticut.


Three years later, Jessica was settled into her new home, and never expected to hear anything more about Jasmine.

But then, she received a phone call that left her stunned.

Local cat rescue Connecticut Cat Connection received a call about a stray cat that had been hanging around near Jessica’s old apartment. Volunteers took the cat to a shelter, and discovered she had a microchip.


The registration information led them to Jessica. It turned out, the cat was Jasmine — found again three years later.

Beth, a volunteer at Connecticut Cat Connection, recalls that Jessica was in shock by the call, and that “so much emotion came through.”

“I broke down in tears because I lost hope,” Jessica told NBC Connecticut. “But I was very happy.”


Jessica, and her son Giovanni, reunited with their long-lost cat. Jasmine was underweight, had overgrown fur and nails and a respiratory infection, but the now-11-year-old cat is recovering.

Jessica says the cat recognized them even after so much time apart, and the reunited family is now looking to make up for lost time — just in time for the holidays.

“We said it’s pretty much like a Christmas miracle,” Jessica told NBC.

We’re so glad that Jasmine is finally home safe and sound! Remember to get your pets microchipped — it can make miracles like this happen even after years apart.

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