Woman rescues bald, burnt-looking puppy, and the transformation reveals her beautiful fur

All dogs are worthy of love no matter what they look like. But sometimes, with the right love and care, an ugly duck can turn into a swan, revealing a beauty no one saw before.

That was the case for one woman, who cared for a rescue puppy with a severe skin condition… and over time saw his stunning transformation into a gorgeous new dog.

Last year a stray puppy, only 5 or 6 weeks old, wandered into someone’s backyard. They immediately called animal services: it appeared the dog had been severely burned: she was furless and her skin was pink and scabby.

But the dog wasn’t burned—she had demodex mange, and the stray puppy had been scratching her agitated skin so much that she gave herself sores.

Despite this startling, burnt-looking appearance, a foster mom named Daphne Bragg immediately fell in love with the dog.

“When I saw her I was just like, ‘Oh my god, you are coming with me!'” she told The Dodo.

“She never left my side after that.”

Daphne named the dog Pixie Princess. She took care of her, giving her medicated baths to heal her skin. Pixie also got to socialize with Daphne’s other dogs, and quickly proved to be a loving, outgoing puppy.

Pixie Princess was itchy with mange and covered in sores when she arrived at our shelter. She immediately went into a…

Posted by Fulton County Animal Services on Thursday, July 11, 2019

“She made an extremely fast recovery,” Daphne said. “After about a week or two you could really start to see a change, you could start to see some new hairs poking through.”

“She was like a little peach fuzz puppy.”

Within a month it was clear that Pixie was growing back a beautiful brown coat of fur:


Pixie was all healed up and on the path to a better life. After six weeks, she was ready to be put up for adoption.

Daphne found her the perfect family to be her forever home.

“She was definitely a really hard one to give up,” Daphne told The Dodo. “But being able to watch that transformation really makes the fostering worth it.”


What an amazing transformation! Thank you for giving this poor stray dog the care she needed and giving her a second chance!

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