Woman panics after senior dog goes missing — then discovers he’s out at a bar

It’s always a scary experience when a pet dog goes missing, but it’s important not to lose hope: sometimes pets show up in the most unexpected places.

That was the case recently when one 16-year-old dog went missing from home — but it turns out he was just going out for a cold one!

Jenny Hazard, from Milwaukee, panicked when her 16-year-old shih tzu Bear disappeared from her backyard on January 24.


Though Bear had a penchant for running off in his younger days, he’s now an old dog and Jenny worried about his health. “After about 15 or 20 minutes I was just in tears,” she told FOX 13. “Because he’s old, he’s got a heart condition.”

Jenny put the word out on social media, asking people to keep a look out for her escaped pet. But though she was worried, it turned out that Bear was actually having quite the night out.


The owner soon got a text message alerting her that Bear had been found — at a local bar called Finks. Sometimes, you just need to go grab a drink!

A group of bar-hopping girls had reportedly found Bear wandering around nearby, and took him inside the bar, where he was the life of the party. “They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular,” Jenny said.


Jenny quickly headed out to pick up her bar-hopping old dog, relieved that he’s home safe and had quite a little adventure. “Old man breaks free – goes to bar,” she joked to FOX 13.

Who hasn’t snuck out of the house for a cold one once in a while? 🍺🤣 We can’t blame Bear for wanting a night on the town but we’re glad he’s back home safe with his owner!

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