Woman is shocked after learning that the dog she rescued is a coyote

Anyone who saves abused and neglected animals is a hero in my book.

When Andrea Athie from Cuidad Victoria, Mexico saw what she thought was a hurt dog on the side of the road, she decided to act immediately.

It looked like the sweet exhausted canine had a broken leg and Andrea knew she needed to rescue the hapless pup.

Andrea Athie

Andrea picked up the dog after it was hit by the car in front of her. She lifted the dog into her car and rushed the hapless creature to the vet’s clinic.

But when she arrived to the clinic, she learned the truth… The dog was actually a coyote!

Andrea couldn’t believe it and many others around the world were also shocked when they read about her story. It all started after that Athie’s brother, Alejandro, tweeted a picture of the wild coyote along with this:

“Today my sister picked up a COYOTE thinking it was a run-over dog and took it to the vet,” Alejandro tweeted on September 26.

The injured coyote received some medical attention at the clinic.

“Coyote Pancho Today begins a 5-day treatment to see if he can recover mobility in his back legs,” Andrea tweeted.

According to Andrea, the coyote, which she named Pancho, was friendly and didn’t attempt to attack her at all.

Unfortunately, the coyote did not respond very well to the treatment received by the veterinarian. It turned out that his condition was worse than she thought: 

“Pancho is not responding as we expected, everything is being done for him [but] he doesn’t want to eat or cooperate to try to move after his treatments.”

On October 7, Pancho passed away.

”Pancho was well treated and received all the love he needed. But he got worse and didn’t respond to the treatment, he died today,” Andrea wrote yesterday.

This story teaches us how important it is to help and show support for all living beings! Rest in Peace Pancho.

And thank you Andrea! Thanks to you, Pancho didn’t die on the road alone – he got something he never had and he showed us that wildlife isn’t always as wild as you might think. Who would have thought that rescuing a dog would turn into helping wildlife?

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